A CPA is a highly trained professional who offers public accounting services. They can either be employed as in-house accountants, by business owners, or work with an accounting firm. Whatever the case, these professionals are competent and certified to offer all manner of accounting services. The following are some of the accounting services to expect from a St Louis CPA:

i) Auditing Services

When the books of accounts of a business have been prepared by an accountant, a CPA can be brought in to go through the financial statements to ensure everything is in order. After the audit, accountants normally offer an independent opinion to the board or the business owner.

ii) Tax Services

CPAs normally study a wide range of subjects before they are certified. One of these subjects is taxation. Individual and corporate taxpayers can hire a CPA to prepare their tax returns, calculate their tax bill, or tax refund, and help them file their returns withing the stipulated timelines. This is an important service that benefits both the taxpayer and the government, especially when it is done right.

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