Fundraising bricks are a wonderful way to create a special space that honors your cause while raising money for it in the process. From whimsical wish stations that personalize your efforts to community savings that drive sales, these 5 fundraising ideas can help you make the most of your event and make it a night to remember...

Create a Wish Station.

While the front of your fundraising bricks will have a printed message to make your wall look uniform and timeless, you can create a place for buyers to make their bricks more personal to them and their family. Set up a table filled with silver Sharpie markers and invite attendees to write a message on the back of their brick. This can be a Bible verse if the family is religious, a quote that means a lot to them or just a wish that they want to share together. No one else will know what the brick says and as each family passes by, they can share in the secret of knowing what lies just beneath the surface and do so for generations to come.

Give Away Raffle Tickets With Each Purchase.

If each of your fundraising bricks come with a chance to win a prize, you will ultimately sell more of them. Consider giving away a day at a local winery, a dinner for 2 at a nice café or a service offered by a local vendor. You can also consider crafting your own gift baskets and may be able to get local schools on board whose classrooms want to help. This can be especially sentimental if the cause goes to benefits children.

Provide Community Benefits.

Coupon books are a great way to up your sales. Ask local vendors to help out. Good ideas for coupon books include buy one get one free deals to local cafes, free car washes and percentages off at an area mall. You would be surprised how many vendors want to help... especially considering the free advertising and chance to up their business. If you want more details, then visit this related website.

Have a Carnival.

Along with your brick ceremony, a carnival can help you raise even more extra cash. Consider asking area circus performers to come out for a good cause. Offer cotton candy and popcorn... and do not forget the games. The kids will love it and you will draw an even bigger crowd to your event.

Create Pet or Kid Print Bricks.

For every fundraising brick sold, create pet or kid bricks that families can take home to share in their garden. You can do this with paint kits set up at your event. The fundraising brick goes in your dontation wall... the special brick goes home with the buyer. Win/win for both of you.

Whether you are raising money for cancer research or celebrating donors to your local school, fundraising bricks are a great way to create a lasting space that pays homage to your cause. Raising money in the process is just the icing on the cake.

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